Food Haze

Lying in bed, feeling horrendously bloated, with zero motivation to get up and start exercising.. and I have to think about what got me into this state. 

A huge meal of chicken cutlet, mushroom soup and a side of Indian rojak. 

The perpetual state of food coma is something we are quite familiar with, yet it goes much deeper than that - we spend our hard earned money to overeat on dirty, fast and expensive food, not realizing it’s level of inflammatoriness and the effects that it can have on our basal metabolic state and rest state. 

What we put into ourselves matters. 

In the same vein, when we ingest thoughts of negativity, ego and pain body, this puts us into a Life Haze. If we aren’t even watching what we eat, then how can we be watching what we listen/speak/feel? 

If you eat light, eat clean, it translates to feeling light feeling clean and being light being clean. 

Never again, Indian Rojak!! 

#consciousness #consciouseating


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