Dreams These Days

These days, I find myself 


returning to dreams of 

an amalgamated institution -

pri school, church, grad school, 

pride club, prison, office life, 


There, I find myself

surrounded with friends 

young and old 

old and new. 

Occasionally a pet or 

hitherto unbeknownst 

family member 

makes a morbid appearance. 

They give me insights 

into myself 

spur me on to greater things 

and chide me for my failings

in the real world 

A paper plane 100-day challenge;

An infinite combo with scarabs; 

Looping bouts of insomnia and sleepfulness;

Not attending cell group 

And cats in mech suits galore. 

Then I awaken; 

and the game continues 

I decide if I want to 

check, raise or fold. 

#poem #luciddreams


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