Tuesdays With Monglin

Note: Monglin = ML = My father. 

Had a nice breakthrough conversation with ML and Kar tonight at the dinner table. He’s really been regaining some level of clarity and lucidity with the #FatFathervention and after losing weight. 

Nowadays, he watches his meals, self weighs in and goes for walks with Michelle. There’s loads of encouragement all around and all it takes is a spark of conscious choice. 

Kar, who is usually blackfacing him once he goes into an unconscious tirade about food, revealed today at the dinner table all the traumas he has inflicted on her childhood - including his raised voice causing PTSD when she sees intimidating people or when having to public speak, or incidents such as breaking into school in the middle of the night to retrieve a missing textbook after crying non stop and getting disciplined by him.. It was a moment of vulnerability and ML acknowledged it with an Asiaworks quote of “your parents love you, they just haven’t been taught how to do so and do it in the only way they know how”. It was nice to see Kar lightening up after that. 

ML has also been telling newer non-repetitive stories (such as ET Wang coming out of my mom via Natural Birth in a cottage in France), and we were so pleasantly surprised to hear it! 

I went over to Kar’s room after to give her a childhood trauma hug, saying that nowadays the roles have reversed, and that OUR GENERATION is now parenting our increasingly childlike parents.. We can use this time to perpetuate the trauma that they’ve brought on us, or we can consciously use this time to break the cycle and heal our past wounds, thereby redeeming not just ourselves but all the generations before and after us. The more conscious one person is, the more conscious the others around them become and it becomes a positive feedback loop. 

Sweet moment. Times like this make me feel like it’s worth it to keep fighting the good fight. It’s very tiring at times to constantly maintain (read: strive) the feelings of calm, compassion, clarity and consciousness needed to deal with life and its various situations. It’s always great to have an accountability partner (now Kar is much more onboard with engaging ML!) and that’s what WE (me you rus) are to each other. 

Are we keeping ourselves accountable towards virtuousity? Towards peace and joy and happiness, towards health and love? Because what more and what else in the world could be worth that? 

#love #consciousness #transformation


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