Conscious Poker

 My Top 20 Rules: 

  1. Don’t Play on Tilt
  2. Manage Tilt 
  3. Limit Buy In Maximums
  4. Quit when ahead 
  5. Play tight, Play Patient 
  6. Value hands well 
  7. Don’t reveal too many cards 
  8. Be peaceful 
  9. Poker isn’t Life 
  10. Breathing
  11. Aim for above session average next benchmark 
  12. Conscious Poker 
  13. Everything can change in 1hr
  14. Wait for the right hands 
  15. People will make mistakes, myself included 
  16. Quit if total losses reach a certain limit
  17. Fold till Premium  
  18. Dollar Bets
  19. Don’t overvalue pockets, top pair
  20. Don’t chase unless equity worth 
I guess a lot of these can find equivalents in daily life too. 

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