The Future Me

Currently reading the book 

The Future You 

by Brian David Johnson

He poses several questions that are great in imagining (or reimagining) a future we would like to get to: 

1) Do you want to be rich? 


2) What sort of rich do you want to be? 

I want to be rich in love, in life, in wisdom and in purpose. I want to be rich enough to be able to do what I love (spreading awareness, consciousness and elevating the human state, fighting for just causes of humanism and sustainability) without worrying about money; I see myself as a champion of diversity and inclusion, a Life Coach and an Activist. I want to be rich in a way that can be shared. 

3) What brings you pleasure? What brings you purpose?

Pleasure: Bakkwa, Poker, Inebriates, Massages 

Purpose: Chosen family, fighting the good fight, peace, stability, calm, expanding consciousness, free loving and free living, knowing thyself.  

4) What are you good at today that your future self DOES NOT want to continue doing? 

Corporate thingamajigs, IT Sales, talking without listening, pushing myself and others hard. 

5) What does your future look like at the end of the line? What does it look like Midway? What does it look like on Monday? 



6) Who are 3 (or more) people who will play an active role in the creation of your future? 

7) Who can help propel you to the future you want? 

8) Why do you think they can help? 

9) Will they support you in a positive way? 

10) Do these people have an alternative perspective to yours? 

11) Do you and these people come from different backgrounds? 

12) Will these people challenge you?

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