How I Got Rid of My Prickly

How I Got Rid of My Prickly 

by dwayneyawned 

These terrible spines of mine, 

they poke, they prick, they protrude, 

they get caught up in other people’s 

face, they get stuck in their carapace. 

It hurts me when my spines 

snap and bend, when they get 

pricklier as I defend

and slowly I shed all that I depend 


It hurts my friends as I stab 

and spew, sit and stew 

simmering and muttering in my

soup of self-righteousness. 

And then one day 

I got so tired. 

I wondered why I was

always so wired. 

I closed my eyes, 

I calmed my mind 

I lessened the load I never knew 

I was bearing. 

And in my slow-beating heart 

did I find 

A prickly something 

like a needle-like thing 

Someone else’s spike 

from their careless fling. 

Bygone, forgotten, 

tiny yet wearisome 

I never realized it made me 

so fearsome. 

I never realized a heart irritated 

made me so agitated. 

I plucked and pulled 

and my prickly came out! 

And all the pricklies on me 

let out their dying shout. 

Never again, I swore to myself

would I carry such pain, 

Reject sickness, choose health. 

This is how I got rid of my prickly 

Now comes the hard part - 

Doing it weekly!

#poem #growth #healing #positivity


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