Conspicuously Absent

Conspicuously Absent

by dwayneyawned

My tigger, my hobbes, 

my sweet radish, 

my purple rain, 

my glorious chu, 

my infernal beating heart, 

my parallel reflection 

my perpendicular 

the soft pulsing glow 

of your kindly fullsome embrace 

my dinky pinky 

my velvety snow 

my coat when the world is cold 

my snugglebun when the road 

is a rough, dark, inky tuft 

my diarrhea eyes 

my softness disguised 

in your gaze 

I languish 

in your chase 

I flourish 

only to lose myself 

in the silent present 

that has you 

conspicuously absent.

#poem #love #longing



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