Why I Choose to Meditate

“Meditation is not evasion, it is serene encounter with reality” - Thich Nhat Hanh 

I choose to meditate because I see it as… 

1) Giving time, space and peace back to myself. 

2) Learning to observe the mind as a scientist or engineer would observe a system or machine; Only then am I able to note it’s shortfalls, perform cleanups, tinker with its parameters and optimise for smooth performance. 

3) Learning and practicing non-attachment and non-reaction, and the prioritization of what’s important and significant in our lives. 

4) Centering - All the “selves” that are me are rolled back into one - Unity. 

5) Decompartmentalising - The ability to break down mental barriers behind parts of the whole, to synergise harmonize, identity and eliminate internal tensions. 

6) Manifestation of goals, dreams and positive mental states. 

7) Tapping into the powers of the subconscious - I believe that we can harness near-infinite perception, hope, willpower, spiritedness and love, etc. 

8) Organisation of thought, allowing for patterns in thought that require time, concentration (or space) and/or peace to emerge. 

9) Choosing to understand that which is our entire life - our subjective perceptions, thought patterns, personal philosophies, traumas, emotions and reactions. Addressing them in a calm fashion and then having the ability to reprogram them accordingly. 

10) Plug in to the universal consciousness and the collective unconsciousness. 

11) Embody and imbue myself with Calm, Clarity, Connectedness, Consciousness, Compassion, Joy, Impermanence, Gratitude, Acceptance and Wonderment.

“Man is not affected by events, he is affected by his perception of events” 

We can change the world, or we can change ourselves. Why not aim to do both? 

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