Wabi Sabi - The Zen Art of Impermanence


Pale apple sapling

Creeping through the concrete crack.

Strives, suffers, then dies.


Eyes closed, mind emptied

Wistful in serenity.

Longing for your touch.


Sweat drops drip drip drop,

Ticking of time in reverse

Tingly sun-pierced haze.


Cascading water,

Smooth metal particulates,

Small moth flies away.


Growling belly aches,

Something with the food again -

Mainly not enough.


Perched atop the ledge,

One-eyed bird sees everything:

Caged, freed, in-between.


Red dots creamy skin,

That pestilent rash appears.

Dot it in dread cream.


Empty plastic cup

Filled by hollow and sorrow,

Stained brown with misuse.


Lonely letter sent,

Staring at eternity,

Running on love spent.

Wabi Sabi

Totes my jam, especially while finding beauty in drab settings. I think anyone can find love in this concept too!

Wabi Sabi is an offshoot of Zen that is philosophy, design principle, aesthetic and lifestyle all at once.

Wabi: A lifestyle of languish, forlornness; finding transcendence from the physical world, peace & harmony in the simplest of lives; Melancholy with sadness tinged with intangible longing (not to be confused with self-indulgent self-pity)

Sabi: Mujo (Impermanence), Finality, referring to objects usually.

As opposed to the Hellenic Principles of the West, Wabi Sabi focuses on Impermanence (vs Permanence), Humility (va Grandeur), Asymmetry (vs Symmetry), Imperfection (vs Perfection).

It also adopts a worldview that we are everything we perceive (non-dualistic), which is very profound!! AKA we are everything we experience and observe/interact with, as opposed to separate self vs other.

Common themes of Organicity, Freedom of Form, Natural Texture, Ugliness/Beauty Contrast, Simplicity, Space, Balance, Sobriety.

Examples of Wabi Sabi: Japanese Tea Ceremony, Haiku Poetry, Flower Arrangement, Zen Gardens, my stuffed toy Danus DeMilo

I recall Rus did a flower arrangement on our 2nd week together - It’s something I'd love to explore and try with my boos one day.

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