The Tao of the Free

I've started collecting/crafting short musings to capture the bits/pieces of enlightenment that I've been so lucky to glimpse during this time. 

They'll likely form the base of a book on Free Living or poetry (OR THIS BLOG) that I'll write in full when I'm out;

Pls read on / share and I hope they bring as much insight and joy as they have brought me!

"He who thinks himself free is trapped,  

He who knows himself trapped is free."   

"To lose oneself in laughter most deep,  

one awakens from Life's deep sleep" 

"That which is infinite  

has roots in the heart,  

branches in the mind  

and flowers in the spirit. 

It's abundance 

makes it free and priceless. 

It's splendor  

is freedom itself"   

"The trapped mindlessly trap; 

the freed mindfully free"   

"Free Living is a direction, 

not a destination.  

To find it one must lose,  

To walk it one must let loose" 

"There is definition in nondefinition,  

meaning in nonmeaning. 

Squint and you shall see."

“Wish freedom upon others

 and freedom comes your way"   

"The bound know not while the freed unknot"   

"The only effort required to be free is not effort at all"   

"Love unbound, uncosted is Free Love. 

Life unbound, uncosted is Free Living 

They give and do not want,  

they uplift and so not deplete." 

More to come! 

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