STRIVE - A Collective Poem of Personal Philosophies


by dwayneyawned & 211

In times of strife 

And the crises of life, 

We look within  

To our lights ever-glowing 

Finding wisdom eternal 

That keeps us going:   

Treat others  

How you'd like to be treated, 

Stay in the fight  

Never be defeated. 

Be true to yourself, 

be contented, don't compare. 

Do what is Right - 

Life is always fair.  

Life is about Relationships, 

Life is about Love -  

Know where we stand  

For Love wins in the end. 

Hope for the best but  

Prepare for the worst,  

Live a life brimming  

With Purposefulness.   

Knowledge is power, 

Manifest your destiny. 

But know in your heart, 

With great power comes great responsibility. 

We're born into 

the pursuit of happiness - 

If we're lucky, we get 

a few laughs in between.  

Yet this too shall pass, 

alas but luckily.   

Standing at the end of time 

When all's been said and done, 

Look back with NO regrets 

And remember  

All the Laughter And Fun.

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