Spiritual Engineering

As an engineer, I’ve been trained to apply the scientific methods of seeking the truth, continuous optimization and bringing improvement to mechanical and chemical systems. 

Its easy to extrapolate this to the more visible and visceral elements of life and living - work, friendship, fitness, etc. 

It is only of late that I realize the extreme benefit of consciously bringing this strategy to the realms of LOVE, WISDOM and SPIRITUALITY - also complex systems that require a deeper understanding, yet CAN BE UNDERSTOOD and EXPERIENCED and OPTIMISED. 

Whoever said that a purpose-filled life, a love that defies the ages and a structured plan for spiritual growth could not be engineered?? 

Some basic principles: 

1) Find commonalities, patterns, reusable equations / causations and correlations. 

2) Test hypotheses and theories - Does it work? Are things optimized? 

3) Never be afraid to discard failures. 

4) Replicate successes. Automate successful practices. 

5) Seek feedback continuously, set up feedback loops

6) Quest for the truth, even if it hurts, especially if it hurts. 

7) Share findings for greater field of applicability, replicability, sample size. 

8) Apply systems level thinking. Something working elsewhere could work here. 

9) Rinse and retweak. 

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