Dedicated to Nick and Rus, loves of my life.


by dwayneyawned

Our paths were always meant 

to cross, 

Though we flit 

through friends, time and space, 

Though we face this temporary loss.  

Our paths were always meant 

to join  

Though we weave 

through fate, lust and place, 

Though our lives dance 

on the edge of a coin.  

Our paths were always meant 

to twine,  

Not once nor twice 

but thrice in time.  

For now, for ever, 

in stanzas, in rhyme.  


Around each other 

in tightening orbits,  

We gravitate, we rotate, we oscillate.  

Dancing in love we sync 


Deeper in love we sink.  

Through the pull  

of ominous forces we'll hurtle 

Separation, incarceration,  


Though in the moment,  

all might seem unstable  

At the ends of time to realise  

we were always able.

#throuple #polyamory #poem


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