Our World Is Excess Exemplified

Having recently come out of 6.5 months of relative sensory, societal and pleasure deprivation, I notice so many areas in which there are excesses that we take for granted as so-called normalcy. 

Drinks are too sweet and sugary, they replace plain water too frequently; Food is too fatty and salty, thereby causing water retention and bloating; Ease of access to nicotine is a huge drag on a calm and collected mind; There is no time to sit down and read a good book; People are too preoccupied with professions that don’t bring them Ikigai and inspiration; Alcohol needn’t be drank in such huge quantities; The questions that we should be asking ourselves (are we truly happy? what is happiness to us? what is a sustainable lifestyle? how are we trapped by our unconscious programming and societal expectations?) fall by the wayside, placated by bite-sized satiations of our manifold cravings; We spend too much time perceiving this world through other people’s lenses, other people’s screens. 

There are innumerable others. Time will reveal more and my goal is to be observant and cognizant of these trappings. 

Go for minimalism - Less is more when your less means more. Go for spiritual fulfillment. Go for love and kindness and peace and presence. 

Throw away all of the excess. 

#philosophy #minimalism #zen


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