Choose Joy Over Happiness

The peculiar thing about happiness is that we seem to be addicted to it, addicted to its pursuit. 

The first dose brings euphoria and ecstasy. We are satisfied while it lasts and subsequently when it fades, we develop a craving for more. As we seek out more and more happiness externally, we begin to develop tolerance to it - what once did it for us no longer flies. There is a significant power creep. In this consumerist world of MORE MORE MORE we internalize and extrapolate these values towards happiness itself. 

For myself, these activities that were bringing me unbridled happiness just a couple of days ago appear to be losing their lustre - 

The taste of a home-cooked meal; The midnight mewls of a hungry pet; The myriad options available in the supermarket; The first bite of Nutella and peanut butter; Watching chickens pick at loose grains of rice; A warm shower; The sound of music; Watching a late night movie; Curling up with a good book; The pleasure of a Q-tip post-shower.. 

I realize now that I had been slowly shifting my perspective of the above into Life Situation events. The pace of life is such that our mind naturally automates these experiences away, numbing us to the inherent joys that we feel from awe and the beauty and possibility that comes from LIFE itself. 

As much as I can, I choose to be mindful and appreciative of the LIFE that we are given and what it enables, rather than the LIFE SITUATIONS we are put in. I pledge to be a conduit to LIFE itself, and channel wonderment, gratitude and awareness wherever (read: everywhere) possible. 

Choose JOY, lasting/internal/consistent over HAPPINESS, transient/external/inconsistent 


Choose to appreciate all from the perspective of LIFE itself, rather than the LIFE SITUATIONS we find ourselves in.

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